Trailer Customization

Schmitz Cargobull

On a yearly basis Bouwheer Zeewolde delivers more than 2000 new trailers to their customers, where most of the trailers we work on are Schmitz branded. We customize new and used trailers to the needs and requirements of the customer, among others we are able to:

  • Install the perfect combination of electronic brake and pneumatic systems 
  • Perform tailboard installation and configuration
  • Installation of headboards and refrigerating machines
  • Assembly of cargo securing systems
  • Assembling of the desired lighting and rear specifications


Assembly of more than 300 Tailboards a year

As we deliver more than 3000 new trailers a year to the specifications of the customer, we have assembled more than 300 tailboards in a year. We have become an effecient tailboard specialist for all types of brands on both trucks and trailers.

Modification of brake and pneumatic systems

We perform checks and fault reports to components of air brake systems and are able to repair or modify these to the needs and requirements of the customer

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