The History of Bouwheer

What started on the 8th of March 1982

1982, On the 8th of March  Bouwheer was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort. 

The first customers of (then called) "Bouwheer Woudenberg" were Vermeulen and Welton North Sea Trailers from Europoort. These trailers were, at this time, still repaired in the open sky as the workshop was still rented out by my father. The first major investment in Woudenberg was buying a wooden fence of 300 guilders. It took us six weeks to decide whether or not to order the wood and eventually place the fence. From now the clean greased bearings were no longer exposed to the sand of the neighbors workshop.

Soon after, I was lacking hands and therefor my son Gerrit assisted me when he came out of school. Later Gerrit worked in the workshop full-time and received a diploma as a mechanic. After this my other son Frans offered to help out, the issue of lacking hands was solved. Next we had a need for more space, thus we were allowed to make use of the entire workshop, now trailers with pneumatic suspension were able to go inside the workshop. To expand even further a center for vehicle inspections was installed and so called APK (MOT) checks were offered and performed. 

In 1986 our relationship with Schmitz trailer B.V. begun, which at that time consisted of Aard Jaspers. This well-established relationship still holds, and resulted in currently building over 2000 trailers to the needs of the customer. Currently we are proud to call ourselves Cargobull Service partner for more than 25 years.

In 1996 our expanding customer base resulted that we had to park the trailers at multiple befriended transportation companies and the terrain of the Dutch railway organization. This was no longer accepted and we had to find a solution. After a long and in-depth research to find a larger and more spacious location with my friend Harrie van Gemert, centrally positioned Zeewolde was going to be our new location. Together with Profile Tyre Center we commissioned to build a Truck- and Trailer center which was opened at the 26th of September in 1997 and my third son Wouter jr. came to strengthen our team.

In 2006 my brother Rob Bouwheer joined the company and together with Gerrit Bouwheer they are currently responsible and owners of our family business. They are managing 40 employees and make sure they can make a living in a pleasant way. It is a fact that Bouwheer Zeewolde has laid the foundation for the next generation.

Wout C. Bouwheer Sr.

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