RDW Import inspections

 The Dutch Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information registrations

Technical inspection, repair and RDW registration of imported trailers is a specialty of Bouwheer Zeewolde.

Bouwheer and the Dutch Centre for Vehicle Technology and Information (RDW) jointly take care of the entire inspection package for trailer manufacturers and/or importers with a type-approval or for incidental RDW inspections, including the vehicle registration certificate and number plate registration. Our long-standing relationship with the RDW and direct online connection means that registration of all makes of import trailers and articulated vehicles in the Netherlands can be taken care of promptly, as we know exactly which import documents are required, where and when. We take care of this for a number of foreign trailer manufacturers.

We also take care of the complete inspection process for used import trailers. Vehicle transport to and from Zeewolde can be taken care of by our young fleet of trucks. Also an RDW inspection center is at the premises in Zeewolde.

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