We supply all makes of hydraulic tailboards, which we assemble in our workshop. Bouwheer Zeewolde is a dealer for Zepro and Dhollandia, but also supplies and assembles Ama, Dautel, Bár and other makes on demand. We have two service vehicles available for external breakdowns.

Due to many years’ experience in this area, we have become specialists in tailboard assembly. As we use stainless steel (light boxes, licence plate holders, etc.), both the visual aspect and material durability are well known to our customers. The catchphrase “Make it a Bouwheer version” is familiar to many of our clients. It goes without saying that we can take care of your repairs and maintenance work as well as tailboard inspections.

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Robin Bouwheer
Tel: +31 (0) 36 521 83 88 
Email: robin@bouwheer.com      


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